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its hard to draw with a mouse and ms paint...
dont fall for the instructional video scams and dont listen to these pranksters here. just loop it, swoop it, and pull. see attached
i dont know about zara since i havent walked in there in some time but h&m (both at irvine spectrum and south coast) dont have charcoal suits right now. they have their linen suits and some pinstripe suits but the selection was slim the last i checked about a wk ago. no suits in solid colors but i imagine once summer is over they'll have replace the more casual suits though, if you can afford to wait. for h&m, keep in mind that you will only find R length. i'd stay...
i dont think it'd hurt to try... its always seems to me that its up to the cashier or mgr working there at the moment. i'm always returning stuff. guess i'm just wishy washy... something looks good at the store and then when you get home, it's wtf??? i returned something at a barneys outlet a few months back even though i took off the tags and forgot to bring it with me -- and you would think outlets are more fussy about returns than the regular retail stores. they...
what do you guys think of how the suits are fitted on the model. slim seems to be the trend but are they too slim? esp the way the arms bunch up, are the shoulders too small?
just curious but how did you identify the sizes on Yoox? or are you selling the same jacket and just using Yoox for their img?
got mine via email. it's legit and theres no barcode. just print it up!
i picked up one this winter at a theory outlet. its their 'right' blazer in a tan corduroy. i love a cord jacket with jeans. its casually dressy, works with jeans, and gets the most use of all my blazers. i wouldnt pay full retail ($375) but for $89 it's been a great deal.
i thought it was always best to go with what fits the shoulders best and most everything else can be altered. shouldn't there be some material in the back to let out that might help him with the chest tightness?
does anyone in the orange county area have a recommendation on a tailor they trust? what should i expect to pay to have a new suit properly altered. i'd need waist suppression and sleeves shortened at the minimum.
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