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what causes the horizontal wrinkles at the top of the inseam on flat front pants? it seems like a bit is only natural but after a long day of sitting at the office it can look terrible. my initial guess is pants with too short of a rise contributes to this. otherwise my pants are generally very comfortable and not snug at all.
why are we even wasting time discussing this when we could get this answered directly from eric glennie, inventor of the cutaway collar
interesting article from msnbc today in light of the recent thread about clothing made in china. Made by Foreign Hands Rather than outsource production, many Italian luxury brands are employing illegal Chinese immigrants as their artisans. has some examples. still too far out there though imo even in calif
could you post a pic? i would to compare with work i've gotten at buds (i.e. how flat the seams are, whether this is any pucker at the vents, etc)
what is the occassion that you are planning on wearing this outfit for? black suit, black shirt, and some sort of silvery tire was sort of a uniform in college for guys when they were supposed to dress up. usually the uniform is slightly baggy and goes with messy or spiky hair. maybe thats just the img everyone automatically has in their mind when you describe the outfit. we'll have to see how it looks fitted properly and with add'l touches like the pocket square.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Or more than 180 degrees: Jon. you guys have forgotten about the mega cutaway collar. in this case the collar is actually cut away an astonishingly 270 degrees!!!!!! eric, i think you're simply asking the wrong crowd. nba analyst kenny smith gets all these nods for his great sense of style and maybe he would love these colors. most people around here wouldn't touch one of his 5 button suits with a 10...
ah yeah thats exactly what happened with a few other suits i've tried to slim significantly. it sort of puckers and folds right above the vent. in the future i'm just going to try and buy suits that are slimmer cut to begin with. pls let me know how your experience with bellaz. i live in that area too so it would be convenient. i've had 2 jackets slimmed at buds and another there as i speak...err type. expect similar pricing or maybe less. the last jacket i sleeves...
the first picture defin looks better than the other 2. the 38's are too long. a question though, where are you wearing your pants in first pic? maybe you have shorter legs but it looks a bit like you're low-ridin. if so that might be whats throwing off the proportions. hike up the pants a few inches and i think the jacket would look fine.
whats your experiences with best custom shirt -- in terms of quality and also service? seems pricey relative to asian shirt makers.
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