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Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf The most recent proof of what I am saying... But there are many other cases I have seen... when this forum changed from being a gathering of gentlemen to share their views and opitions about style and to help newcomers to being a band of douchebags ? lakewolf, what do you think of phatty123's "is kenneth cole that bad" thread? the kid has...
i get these from time to time as well. i found that when i ate less dry, grainy, or carb-intensive food i got fewer tonsil stones. in general its not just oatmeal thats causing it but i could see how something like oatmeal could contribute to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf I do feel bad for many guys that come for advice, sign up and ask a question and get so ridiculized and bashed that surely they don't come back and end wearing only t-shirts, jeans and plastic shoes as a reaction literally -- kenneth cole reaction! *badabing!* -punmaster
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Great collection AF. I like to see the puckers where the sleeve is attatched, very nice. sorry if the answer is obvious but what does the puckering indicate and why is it nice to see? i'm assuming it shows that the shirts were either tailored or handmade?
theres nothing wrong with the above ensemble. it's women's wear right? right???
i swear the photos on the luckyman website were familiar looking. i finally found it -- they are taken from the nordstroms mens suit website.
Quote: Originally Posted by migo sorry you posted while I was writing up my previous post.. In defense of most people here, I don't think that's necessarily true...I'm pretty sure they'd put the fit of whatever you're wearing, and what it looks like, before what brand it is. agreed... by "clothing snob" i dont mean that people here are brand name whores, but rather they care immensely about the ratio between quality and price. so i dont think...
phatty, in your defense, those AE's posted above are not nearly as contemporary looking as the KCs. so lets assume you're looking for something more in line with what other people your age are wearing. so here's a johnston & murphy which is almost identical looking and while still not up to the standards of many here, still much better quality. at least these are leather soles that you can refurbish. $106 on amazon and in the j&m stores on sale right now too maybe...
these comments remind me of the seinfeld episode where kramer's friend, the maestro, always takes off his pants when he's in his office. i think i should start doing that since in my office. i can keep my trousers ready to jump into at a moments notice kind of like how firefighters have their pants and boots set up.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast My favorite piece of clothing. Grandfather's old Air Force bomber jacket. JB what airport is that? it looks so familiar to me but cant put my finger on it. it's gonna bug me all day.
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