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I am thinking of bidding on this Taryn Rose shoe from grapevine, but the sizing looks strange. I emailed them and they said its an EU 41.5 which is equivalent to US 9. I've always understood a US 9 would be closer to the EU 43. They also happen to have the same shoe in black with a listing of EU 43/US 10.5! I'd hate to win the thing and find out its more like a size 8. Anyone with experience with Taryn...
Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 ZING!!!!!!!!!!!! no. you got burrrrrrrrned!
i use both shirt stirrups and the hidden tailor. the shirt stirrup will make it impossible for this problem to occur although it'll pull against your pants when you're seated. hard to describe but you'll know what i mean if you try one. you mentioned your shirts are slim fitted but what about your pants? i've also found that tucking is much harder on modern pants with lower rises. if i hike up my pants any when tucking, then the waist on the pants is too wide for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 It's "Sarcasm is the lowest for of wit" not a fan of jack handey i guess...
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Yes, but sometimes at less well-run stores they don't have any other specimens of a model than pinned ones. I've had this experience at Brooks Brothers, for example. well its the retailers decision and many dont mind. i've seen many fitting rooms have pin cushions on the walls for you to leave the pins but people apparently think the floor is a nice place too.
what about texture and gloss? should you try to get those to match?
the difference between seals and cows is that enough cattle is bred for human consumption. i have no problems with the slaughter of a cow so long as there is a proper supply left for those who enjoy red meat. on the other hand, the people who are clubbing baby seals to death are not planting new ones and i, for one, do not like the idea of my children growing up in a world where there are no baby seals for them to eat.
one shopping pet peeve: its also annoying when people dont take more care in seeing where those pins end up when trying out shirts in the fitting rooms. i always double-check to make sure the room i'm changing in isn't some sort of mini death trap for my feet.
you could do vintage and modern together. rock that jacket with an eric glennie.
i think a good idea for a bit of satorial showboating could be to occassionally do a leather sole slide. you shoot out your arms and in a short of jazzy pose right at the end of the slide. pizaaazz! yeaaaa, that's right... new shoes, baby! lets people know your shoes are the real deal, kind of like people leaving a button open on jacket sleeves.
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