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Quote: Originally Posted by TheHoff These haven't gotten enough love here... The bevel cuff The skinny scarf the beveled cuff thing is not his idea. i see jackets on display all the time with the cuffs rolled, probably to give off a casual vibe or to show that the jacket has surgeon cuffs. several examples on the skinny scarf is ridiculous. in addition to being a fashion accessory, in situations where they are...
can we unban phatty tuna and encourage him to try out EGs?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC;$sessionid$P23Y42XY1VG44CRDSYCCFEY?SectionID=7000&styleid=11537663 nothing screams "i'm a creepy priest" like that outfit.
are we being watched by the press? who knows... i'd comment more but right now i have to get going. i'm delivering free pizzas to homeless children.
i'd rock to johnny b goode at the enchantment under the sea dance.
Quote: Originally Posted by jez Any other suggestions? I'm not a very big fan of those extreme pointy shoes, 2 weeks here and you will be...
at the very least, this probably encourages the avg joe to start wearing jackets and suits more often.
not that my posts are all that great... but here's a summary of every phatty123 thread. phatty123: hi, i'm not as spiffy as you guys so i need advice. i like my brown kenneth cole "big swinging d*cks" a lot. i know you say they suck, but can i wear them? forum: no, don't wear them period. phatty123: GQ says its ok to wear them. forum: GQ sucks phatty123: no, you guys suck! you guys are mean and snobbish and wear old-people shoes! i hate you all! [2 days...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe i would wear these with jeans... Berluti Ultimo its the oxymoron shoe!
reminds me of shark week (which i am watching religiously)
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