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i just had an awesome idea. pen-tie clip! i'm going to patent it. other projects in the development pipeline: leatherman-tie clip laserpointer-tie clip moneyclip-tie clip
you'll probably have better luck at south coast plaza, which is often considered the top shopping destination in southern california. in newport beach and laguna you wont find much outside of resort wear.
this would be funnier if many of my shirts pre-SF (a few months ago) didnt look like that...
believe or not he got great feedback for that suit. Have you guys seen this site? Van Heusen, Arrow, and Donald J Trump shirts. Shoes consist of KCs and looks like Mervyns or DSW brands (state street, sketchers, etc)
i recently had a pair of loose fit gap jeans transformed into a much snugger straight fit. i've had these jeans since high school and couldnt bear to part with them. cost me $14.
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer Your not following my argument. It was that people are defending indie brands under the guise of other arguments, like the one you pointed out. Get it now? no, you're not following anyone's argument... nor your own for that matter. one of your first posts said you like LV because its more exclusive and you won't end up seeing other people with the same gear. then you began excusing the responders as people...
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer The difference between you and I is that I understand your argument. Of course your going to argue you all like brands for XX reason, but I still see a lot of Group Think going on here. What your saying about my clothes is your opinion, and I understand that. What I'm saying, and what you don't understand, is that on niche forums like this (cars, clothes, fashion, movies, music) etc. is that most people are against...
does anyone ever wear a pocket square with a dress shirt when a suit or jacket isn't needed?
one common mistake that makes dimples nearly impossible is pulling the tie down as opposed to pushing the knot up.
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