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I really appreciate riddles, and I do share the pleasure of making riddles with my friends and colleagues all the time. So I thought I might bring that to the style forum. Ok here are the rules. 1- If posting after a riddle, your post must contain but the answer to the riddle. If you don't have the answer, but have a riddle, you must wait for the previous riddle to be elucidated, before you post a new one. 2-Only post riddles that make sense and can be understood...
Count me in, and I am sure with the help of all the other club members, i will be able to abstain from all possible purchases. So members with sale threads in their signatures should not be accepted please. They will just help to lull me to make purchases I might otherwise not make. Well I hope to be strong and stay on course. No Purchase For March.
No sorry, i have never heard of them, and i have been in Paris. Not saying that since I have been to Paris I should necessary have heard of them, but just saying I haven't heard of them. But I will do a google search and see what comes up.
I couldn't make a case for AMD, since I have always used Intel. But from my personal experience with Intel, I would say go with Intel. I think the only place where AMD can possibly beat Intel, is at the price level that's all.
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT Some English maybe spoken in the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. But in the smaller rural cities, some people may know 'hello' and 'goodbye', nothing more. Even in the big cities, I think the number of people who actually speaks English is relatively very small, and you will certainly not have a taxi driver, security guard or any of that kind that can speak any English. So the bottom line is, if you...
Mine is Vampire Diaries if you insist that I ultimately pick one. But i also enjoy watching The Big bang Theory, Two and Half Men, Harry's Law and Gossip Girls.
I am currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Nice book, but very long and not easy either. At times it even gets a little boring. But I have never given up on a book and I am certainly not giving up on it either.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint i need 2.0 to come out so the price drops on the first gen Exactly, and the price has already dropped. But I think by the time the 2.0 actually take over the place, the price will even drop further. I will wait till June before buying it, and I am sure i will make a wonderful deal.
Went to the club, drank a half bottle of Jack Daniels all by myself and accompanied back home a nice and beautiful chick that I met at the club and with whom I had a nice dance, and a lot of ......... you know.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i really loathe seth mcfarlane. just seems like a giant asshole. He doesn't seem like a giant asshole, to me he is a giant asshole. And i am sorry if this offends anybody but those are my thoughts.
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