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It's getting cold, just seeing if anybody has a pair they are willing to offload to shipped to N.D
Looking for loafer from either of these companies, in a 10d, as I`ve read I should size down 1/2 a size from my normal wear Shipping to Canada would be nice, but can be worked around.
I'm a 32/32....from the brief reading it seems that 31's is what I'm looking for....I think.
In Light Havana is the frame colour that I am looking for. Also available to ship to Canada. Thanks so much.
Does anybody know anything about the Beretta brand? I was looking for a safari jacket myself and came across this: http://www.beretta.com/Apparel/Spring-Summer-M-2012/Victory/Jacket/Serengeti-Safari-Jacket/index.aspx?m=82&f=2&id=2590 Looks pretty sweet to me.
bump....hoping someone has it on here.
http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/John-Varvatos-Ago-Side-Zip-Boot-Shoes/prod128340135/ Looking for this in an 11 at a reasonable priced and shipped to Canada. Cheers
Getting pretty brutal, was nicely moving at the start of the project. I was hoping for a bit of discussion with the samples as well, I have no clue what people liked that's in it. In my own sample news, I was very disappointed in my sample of Lyric for men by Amouage. Way too fem smelling for me, I'd rather smell this on my girlfriend. I have other rose fragrances that I like better (rose 31, opus 1870)
I can't believe it's gotten to the point that I have to bring up that I'll be away in May to Spain/Morocco for the month lol.
PM me with details. Cheers
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