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Prob fake, don't bother
unfortunately I am not. They do have an online store but it requires an invite? Are you a member?
Thanks bud, awesome.
I can't justify paying over $600 for them.
Doesn't really have to be velvet, but same style is Shipton and Henage, Del Toro etc
OP, im in the same boat as you - got a few interviews lined up. I had an interview the other day, and I wore: - White shirt - Regular cuffs, not sure that wearing FC is a big deal but best to avoid any misconceptions. - clean simple tie bar - white pocket square tv fold Interview went well, and i'm going in for round 2. Dress professional and smart, don't over do the accessories, but know what you are doing.
Both are 2 completely different looks. I would go with the second pic anyway.
Navy trousers can look very stylish and classy. I would pair it with a grey sportcoat for a sleek look. For a more standout look, maybe try a light khaki blazer.
I wouldn't wear loafers with a suit to work, or at any formal place. If you're going casual, then loafers would work, especially if you're going with a younger more modern look.
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