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Looking for 140$ shipped now!
This is nice denim indeed! I had a pair myself But it's not a steal -_-
The tagged size is a 25 but the actual waist is a 28. Length is hemmed to a 31 Worn under 5 times. Looks pretty much new Will take Paypal Gift of (+4%)
It always seems me and N&F sizing don't go along. The first skinny guys I got (Camo selvage) were made smaller than usual and when I decide to go weird guy(Big John) the cut is bigger than usual... -_-
Added new pair of Nudies!
whats up with the poem? LOL
Good some APC New Standard tagged size 25, looking to trade for something bigger or sell for $120. Have a thread up
APC New Standard Tagged size 25 Waist : 28 Inseam: 31 Thigh: 9.5 Worn ~5 times No visible wear marks on backpockets or any wear marks at all. Fresh as fuck Looking for 125$ shipped in the US. I prefer paypal. Gift or +4% 1st Pic = Closest representation of the color Also selling Nudie Thin Finn Ecru Embo 30/32 Brand new with tag. $130 Shipped (+4% or Gift)
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