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thanks. just wanted to make sure. they are actually dark gray so I think theyll be fine.
I got a great deal on a canli blazer. when I receeived it, I noticede that I have canali pants that are made from the same exact fabric. Here's my question: Since the Jacket was meant to be worn as a blazer, it has MOP buttons. Should I change out the buttons for regular ones or leave them the way they are. It doesn't really bother me, I was just wondering if it's too casual the way they are.
Interested in Hugo Boss?
sent pm
I have 2 canali and 2RLB (all NWT) in 38R. Price would be abt $400. Are you interested?
I did say that it wasn't my pic.... I cam across it online.
Final Price Drop
I have a 39XL Armani (MSRP $2,100). I'd be willing to sell for $500. Would you be interested?
I have an RLPL DB suit. Would you be interested? It's NWT and I'm asking $1300
Because homosexuality is purely for sexual enjoyment. According to most religions, G-d made heterosexuality enjoyable so that humans would reproduce and inhabit this world. So in essence, it has higher purpose and isn't just humans chasing pleasures like animals. In much of modern society, where heterosexual relationships aren't to reproduce, than it would be very similar to a homosexual relationship.
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