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I see some great deals on older suits on ebay. The lapels on all of them are just way too big and they have pleats. I know it's not a big deal to remove the pleats, but what about thinning down the lapels? If it is possible, how much should it cost me?
Just found out. They are canvassed, but the qulity is lowere than the mainline. I guess that puts them somewhere in between CC Collection and the maine line.
Any idea if they are canvassed?
It's not a tie, but blazers and suits. In addition, I did see that both Corneliani FullTime and Corneliani by Nino Danieli are produced by the mother company "Corneliani". I'm more interested in the quality and style since I'm looking to purchase these in bulk but can't get pictures in advance. Any help would be appreciated.
Anybody hear of Corneliani Nino Danieli or Corneliani FullTime? If so, do you know anythin about the quality and style and how they compare to the other Corneliani lines?
I have an opportunity to get a great deal on a z zegna Brown label suit. I was just wondering if there was any difference between the Gray/Black label I'm used to seing and the Brown one which I've never seen before. I just want to make sure it's not some new lower end line.
What size? I've got some cornelianin ID jackets that are trendy. price would be $275 plus shipping.
2 or 3 button? Flat front or pleated? Pants waist and inseam? how much to let out?
I've got a beautiful brand new suit that got torn Normally I'd send it in to get woven, but this one is sharkskin and I was wondering if it is even possible to weave such a complex fabric. I gave it to a local weaver and he said he can't do it. Before spending more money to ship it out and get re-evaluated I figured it'd be worth a shot asking here if anybody know about these things. Thanks in advance!
Got some great NWT RLBL 46L.... Any interest?
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