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Final Price Drop
I have a 39XL Armani (MSRP $2,100). I'd be willing to sell for $500. Would you be interested?
I have an RLPL DB suit. Would you be interested? It's NWT and I'm asking $1300
Because homosexuality is purely for sexual enjoyment. According to most religions, G-d made heterosexuality enjoyable so that humans would reproduce and inhabit this world. So in essence, it has higher purpose and isn't just humans chasing pleasures like animals. In much of modern society, where heterosexual relationships aren't to reproduce, than it would be very similar to a homosexual relationship.
Price Drop
added a pic of it being worn. Pic is not mine, but is of the same jacket.
Price Drop!!!! I will be putting these on a BIN on ebay if they don't go at this price. So far I only sold 3 so there is still a selection of sizes.
I'm not sure what happened to the measurements, so I will post them again: Size Large MEASUREMENTS LISTED IN INCHES Size L Chest (under arms, accross jacket and doubled) 45 Shoulders (seam to seam, across back)\t 19 Length (bottom of collar to bottom of jacket)\t 24.5 Sleeves (shoulder seam to end of cuff)\t 26 Size XL MEASUREMENTS LISTED IN INCHES Chest (under arms, accross jacket and doubled) 48 Shoulders (seam to seam, across back)\t 20 Length (bottom of...
Price drop! Was $399, now $360
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