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Nobody? In addition to trying to figure out his posture based on the fit of an OTR suit, I was wondering if there's a master thread discussing different fit issues and what causes them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated... In general, I'm curious as to what causes the jacket to fall back from the body and how to correct it. Why would one side fall back farther than the other? I probably should just google why Ron Pauls suit looked like that
This isn't for me, it's for a friend. I know the suit he is wearing in the pictures is ill fitting and he is working on getting a MTM suit from an online tailor (I know, it's risky, but it's all he can afford and no MTM suits seem to fit right). Aside from giving them all the body measurements, I was wondering if someone could describe his body type and why the jacket pulls away from both the right shoulder and the left shoulder, but more so the right shoulder. I...
That isn't necessarily true. Canali and most other higher-end manufactuers will still put a drop (the number 6, in this case) even if it's only a blazer. The drop also tells you the jacket fit, not just the pants size. With Canali, drop 4 is portly, drop 6 is classic, drop 7 is modern, and drop 8 is extra slim. Most Italian suit makers use similar systems. The picture provided looks like a blazer.
It's the "usual" dark brown for a reason The mahogany works best with richer colors. You pretty much can't go wrong with the dark brown. It definitely isn't as sophisticated or eye-catching, but it 's very versatile.
Yes, Marc Andrew is made by Andrew Marc. They license out their pants so there's no telling who makes them.
I doubt it will have any shine. I have a few silk cotton blend pieces of clothing and they have a more cashmere-like feel. On a side note, if you're looking at it shouldn't you able to see if it shines?
We have a tailor on staff so he did it for me for free in his downtime I agree. It doesn't make sense to put $150 into an indochino suit when the results are not guaranteed.
Sale fell through. These are still available.
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