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I'm going to a friends wedding tomorrow and was thinking of wearing a dark blue three piece suit. It's a semi-formal event, but not black tie. Most of the guest will be wearing conservative suits. Do you think a three piece suit is too much? Does it attract too much attention?
I didn't notice the images. Actually, I don't think it would look bad as a sportcoat. It doesn't have the weave of a sportcoat but the design is subtle.
It's totally fine if it is a solid Navy or even a solid Gray suit jacket. Some patterns may be okay too, if they are sporcoat-like patterns, but I'd stay away from striped suit jacket and the like. I know some will disagree with me, but what difference is there between a solid Navy blazer or suit jacket?
I agree. Black is a definitely a no-no for a wedding. While Navy is acceptable, it just doesn't have that light and fun wedding feel. I would go with a burgundy tie as suggested previously or any other more colorful contrast color.
The sleeves are definitely short. It could just be the pictures, but the sleeves don't look to be the same length.
I'm comparing them to other brands.
Were the pants waist altered?
I love 19. Do you have any other stone ones?
If it was the other way around, where you were trying to wear the Vtread soles for one night and return them, I'd say you might get away with it. Leather shows wear right away so there's no way they'd let you return it once it is worn. IIt sounds like you are in a bind and will need to purchase the leather soled shoes regardless of whether they agree to take a return policy on the used shoes. I suggest calling AE. Who knows, they might make an exception and agree to take...
I disagree. Customer don't "ignore" a lower line. Quality suits can be had for a lot less than $5K. People who buy RLPL definitely take pride in the exclusivity of the brand. The same holds true for all brand names. When Armani started making diffusion lines it affected his mainline sales. The same goes for many other brands that tried it. Armani just doesn't have the same exclusivity like Guccci, which never made a diffusion line. RL was able to juggle 3 lines (or 4 if...
New Posts  All Forums: