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I bought these a while back thinking they were EEE. My loss is your gain. I bought them on ebay for $300. At this point, I don't mind taking a hit on them, even though the price I paid was a great deal. Price $300+Shipping $250+Shipping Shipping is $15 CONUS or $35 worldwide. Willing to take returns as long as they are shipped back within 10 days of receiving them, but shipping both ways is non-refundable. If you want to waive your right to return then I can lower the...
PRICE IS FIRM The shoes pictured is the shoe you will receive. It's 100% brand new but does have some tiny scuffs and wrinkles from handling as can be seen in the picture. The scuffs should come out with a good polish. Retails for $1,250 on the RL website Size - 10 US Model - Obrian Will ship anywhere CONUS for $15 and $40 worldwide
http://www.c21stores.com/cyber-specials_men/luciano-barbera-two-button-suit At $322 with their cyber sales what do you think? Are they fudging the MSRP or do you think this is actually a mainline suit?
The oxblood would probably go better with the navy than a wine because of its depth.
Both of those would be very sharp! They'd create a much nicer contrast than the black would. I know it's not Navy, but that's the idea...
I think the combo is fine. It's a bit conservative, but it does match. Anyway, if you want to liven it up, go with a brown or burgundy tie, both colors pair well with blue. I'm not a fan of the black knit tie.
I pm'd you.
That was my main concern. While the groom will be wearing a tux, I don't think his family members will. Do you think the same rule would apply? Don't outdress the family.
I'm going to a friends wedding tomorrow and was thinking of wearing a dark blue three piece suit. It's a semi-formal event, but not black tie. Most of the guest will be wearing conservative suits. Do you think a three piece suit is too much? Does it attract too much attention?
I didn't notice the images. Actually, I don't think it would look bad as a sportcoat. It doesn't have the weave of a sportcoat but the design is subtle.
New Posts  All Forums: