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It most definitely can reamin unbuttoned. It's really just preference. The whole point of not leaving your jacket open is so that you aren't exposed. That isn't an issue with a 3pc. I personally leave it unbuttoned.
I've got two suits with tears on them. I went to the local weaving place but after seeing their work would prefer to ship it out to a reputable place. Does anyone have experience with a company that accepts mail-ins?
Being as I have a larger than average head, I don't look good with unstructured jackets. I tried building up the shoulders on one of my unstructured jackets, and while it looks okay, to the discerning eye, it is visible. If you won't wear it otherwise, it's worth a shot. Just make sure to find a decent tailor.
I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out! I assumed being RLPL they were Made in Englad like most of the ones I get...
I bought these a while back thinking they were EEE. My loss is your gain. I bought them on ebay for $300. At this point, I don't mind taking a hit on them, even though the price I paid was a great deal. Price $300+Shipping $250+Shipping Shipping is $15 CONUS or $35 worldwide. Willing to take returns as long as they are shipped back within 10 days of receiving them, but shipping both ways is non-refundable. If you want to waive your right to return then I can lower the...
PRICE IS FIRM The shoes pictured is the shoe you will receive. It's 100% brand new but does have some tiny scuffs and wrinkles from handling as can be seen in the picture. The scuffs should come out with a good polish. Retails for $1,250 on the RL website Size - 10 US Model - Obrian Will ship anywhere CONUS for $15 and $40 worldwide At $322 with their cyber sales what do you think? Are they fudging the MSRP or do you think this is actually a mainline suit?
The oxblood would probably go better with the navy than a wine because of its depth.
Both of those would be very sharp! They'd create a much nicer contrast than the black would. I know it's not Navy, but that's the idea...
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