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I've got a beautiful brand new suit that got torn Normally I'd send it in to get woven, but this one is sharkskin and I was wondering if it is even possible to weave such a complex fabric. I gave it to a local weaver and he said he can't do it. Before spending more money to ship it out and get re-evaluated I figured it'd be worth a shot asking here if anybody know about these things. Thanks in advance!
Got some great NWT RLBL 46L.... Any interest?
Thanks. I'm using Chrome now and it's working great!
The new site is extremely slow on my pc which explains why page view are down. Unless I have a PM to read, I'm trying to avoid it. My pc is normally fast, but for some reason just logging in on the new site takes ages. Hope they fiix it soon.
ive got loads of RLBL and some RLPL as well. all NWT. If you are willing to pay $120 I'll send you pics.
I got this RLPL suit to sell on ebay (48R custom fit if anybody is interested It has an interesting button by the collar (I doubt it's meant to be buttoned but I did so for this picture.) If anybody knows what this style is called it would be very helpful. Thanks!
price drop on 46L since I have more than one
Price drop $270. I can't get why these aren't going... Personally I'm not a casual dresser otherwise I'd wear one, but for someone who is this is a steal!
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