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Yes, Marc Andrew is made by Andrew Marc. They license out their pants so there's no telling who makes them.
I doubt it will have any shine. I have a few silk cotton blend pieces of clothing and they have a more cashmere-like feel. On a side note, if you're looking at it shouldn't you able to see if it shines?
We have a tailor on staff so he did it for me for free in his downtime I agree. It doesn't make sense to put $150 into an indochino suit when the results are not guaranteed.
Sale fell through. These are still available.
I wear my suede shoes all the time in the snow and have never had an issue with them becoming spotty. Just be careful around salt. That will destroy your suede and unlike leather, it won't be reversible.
It most definitely can reamin unbuttoned. It's really just preference. The whole point of not leaving your jacket open is so that you aren't exposed. That isn't an issue with a 3pc. I personally leave it unbuttoned.
I've got two suits with tears on them. I went to the local weaving place but after seeing their work would prefer to ship it out to a reputable place. Does anyone have experience with a company that accepts mail-ins?
Being as I have a larger than average head, I don't look good with unstructured jackets. I tried building up the shoulders on one of my unstructured jackets, and while it looks okay, to the discerning eye, it is visible. If you won't wear it otherwise, it's worth a shot. Just make sure to find a decent tailor.
I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out! I assumed being RLPL they were Made in Englad like most of the ones I get...
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