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i wouldnt exactly call that performance stellar Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I'd forgotten that WWI was part of the 20th century
do we have any deutsch folk..... you old war hungry fellows
they have largely confirmed that in the last century... Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic It is commonly understood that the French aren't very good at war in the UK as well.
edited Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I can now reveal that not everyone in Britain: has bad teeth lives in a castle is insanely psyched about the royal wedding is homosexual enjoys being spanked is better educated and more intelligent than you
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Oh, I don't think there are any stereotypes for Jews...
nah, I would let it go. this is meant with all respect (I used to be guilty of it). When we like someone (it goes both ways) we try to read in between all the little lines, try to justify some of their actions because we like this person so much. I understand that she is cool and nice and beautiful, but trust me, if she likes you enough, you would get a call/text, no one is too busy for a 30 second text, I don't care what you do for a...
True: Rampant corruption Tribalism Religious Fanaticism certain forms of backwardness/ignorance due to lack of education (this term is very loosely used) False Lazy Chase Lions/all other sorts of animals frequently seen on NationalGC All live in huts Speak the same language confusing the country with the continent (this one just makes me go )
Not necessarily. But his point was well founded. I don't want to say that women prior to age 30 lack maturity, but I would appreciate it (speaking for myself) If I had been in your situation and she had come out upfront. Like someone here said, "who is too tired to go out on a date with someone they really like" Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Would you say it's not even possible to read the tea leaves because of the nonsense?
I am really starting to believe this Quote: Originally Posted by Gingahbman A lot of girls before the age of 30 make no sense. Just do your own thing. If she calls you back, cool. If not, hit her up in a week if you're still interested. If it's this taxing, this early in dating, then it's probably going to be one big headache anyways. I think the best thing to do when dating is try to keep your feelings at bay. Now I only show feelings back for...
Military fashion to me Uploaded with
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