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is Tom Ford on style forum?
I think this is one of those mercedes v BMW arguments. Meaning there is not necessarily a right answer. Clothing has evolved and will continue to do so, consider this;300 years ago, it was improper for you not to don your powdered wig and wear your high heeled shoe as a man. Most of the arguments here are valid, it all ultimately comes down to personal preference, upbringing and a whole other host of factors that perhaps only an expert in the field can explain. As one of...
if you got it from saks, i assume it would be authentic.
i like those shoes.... who makes those? Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Today. Button point about 1.5" lower and trousers about as slim as I get.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Not really, I don't feel like writing a whole article about it. It's something that I've learned throughout my life and also from reading books by philosophers and authors I respect. I'm not stating this as an absolute fact, but just as my own opinion. Look at celebrities whom we love to hate. And aren't we oh so delighted to hear about Brad and Angelina arguing? Well, I'm not, but I assume most people are, because...
could you expound on this? Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I couldn't agree more! Nowadays, wearing good-looking shoes and a suit and shirt that fit takes a lot of time, money and desire, since those types of clothes aren't readily available. Most people consider time spent on clothes as time wasted; they frown upon a perfectly dressed gentleman spending countless hours shopping off- or online and sweating over pant break at his tailor. Therefore,...
cut him some slack, still in college
This right here sums it up for me. Quote: Dress-code mandates or not, Mr. Wolfe continued, the benefits to formal dressing outweigh the negatives. "You'll look terrific, and miles above those slobs. And you'll get more respect. Formal dress really has social impact. You'll be treated with greater deference than the 45-year-old guy dressed like a rock drummer."
negative. I know my history. Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne Apparently, his misunderstanding of history rivals your own, which is saying something.
you are kidding right do the words Hitler, Compiegne, Vichy mean anything to you? back to the thread now. Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK Then we can look at WWII. Do the word "Maquis" mean anything to you? What about FFI?
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