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yup, ordered a side mirror for my car on ebay, its coming from Latvia, its taking FOREEEEVVVVERRR
In no particular order of importance: Coming to America-never gets old Godfather II-one was just as good, I have never heard anyone utter one positive about part III Shawshank Redemption Goodfellas Casino Saving Private Ryan Braveheart Curse of the Golden Flower- Chinese movie with Chow Yun Fat Paid in Full
1-2 days max
ehhh, I wouldnt exactly refer to conflict as cool Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter 50/50, not that bad. but think of the various conflicts from about 1910 until 1950 - lots of cool conflicts. balkan war, wwi, german civil war, spanish civil war, ethiopian conflict, a couple of strange little wars in south america, wwii, israel's war of independence, india/pakistan conflicts, malaysian conflic, rebellians in the gulf and algeria. lots of...
thats a hard one, jeez.... I definitely would not want to live in pre renaissance Europe, thats certain...Now is a good time to live, thats for sure.
maybe there is written Egyptian music we are yet to discover.
what he said Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Black suit jacket with jeans? No, definitely no. Would look horrible with blue or dark wash jeans. If you had to don a black suit jacket with jeans, then something like brown jeans, dark tan, forest green jeans perhaps may work better. I dont know because I have never tried out combo's like this, nor intend to. Shoe matching would be difficult, with a black coat and then brown shoes (due to jean...
those loafers are money! Quote: Originally Posted by Requiem Linen jacket, silk tie, jeans, suede shoes.
it does Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson This was my thought as well but people will say "OMG texting takes liek 30 secundz cmon man"
black thong? Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye This is a pretty good tux (although dangerously slim. Don't wear white undies, because when the ass tears open we'll all see em.) J.
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