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Afghanistan! tribal affiliations carry all the weight
that red tunic was just absolutely beautiful. I was just a bit surprised they did not wear their ceremonial swords.
I have 'stray cats', they always play on my deck, and late at night, I always hear 'cat screams' sounds like one is constantly getting effed up...
my buddy's 4 yr old kid runs to me one day and has Uncle ________ I have a magic trick to show you...., I am like okay, go on.... He proceeds to pull his pants down and says "look, I can make my penis grow"
that beret vs patrol cap issue has been well, an issue.... I just find it annoying to have to carry around 4 different types of headwear....
Hoaaah Chef Ranger Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland Army, 1/75 Ranger (Airborne) from 82-85 I'm a chef-instructor now and I take my culinary uniform very seriously as well, and I expect my students to do the same.
I have served both in the Shine and Iron party army and this new no starch, no shine, no iron, dirty boots ar'aight army. From Military Academy, - I learned to shine the hell out of brass and other metal items, even my tie bar must be shiiinyy - I can put a mirror shine on shoes - I dont really focus on ironing as most of my stuff gets ironed at the cleaners - pockets always buttoned, this was a MAJOR peeve at school -nothing over the top shiny.... shiny is bad......
world at war.- best documentary ever made PERIOD
act like it never happened
polyester, eeeeew, whats that
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