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wait, aren't you the one paying?
The best shirts I own are RLPL, thats about as good as I can afford.
Poles are very nationalistic, I would say. Probably because of the Russians and Germans, as someone here put it, the fight for the right to exist plays a big part in this. Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Poland; Austria; Taiwan; Liberia; USA.
chances of being assassinated are rather high Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Wealthy Roman during Julius or Augustus Caesar periods.
my computer keeps crashing, so hopefully one of these updates will fix the bloody thing
who wears a suit to a McDonalds interview Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Sartorial Keep it simple at the interview. So, never. Not even if you're applying for McDonalds.
try it, post a picture.
there is an A7?
Afghanistan! tribal affiliations carry all the weight
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