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or move to Japan Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Wait for a funeral.
buy a cheap suit and have it tailored
+1..... Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko Trouser cuffs. I have to ask since no one else is, but where are you wearing this white dinner jacket?
it has NYC on the bottom..... that makes it worth it
true story, I saw one of my female friends tagged in a photo (which was later untagged) of some chick fisting a strippers vag.... saved the pic, but had to delete it.
she will still get him for 15% minimum (in NY its 17%), for child support..... And since she doesnt work, her criminal in a suit{lawyer} will definitely get him for more. Quote: Originally Posted by BlackShoes Pre-nups are taken into consideration (not strictly adhered to), but completely ignored when children arrive, at least in the UK, I am not sure how binding they are in US courts.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh dude we need a pic to justify if it is morally right
this is just impressive....... Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy or CBD my ass:
I have bought 3 ties, one of which was a kickass armani knit tie 2 purple label shirts and thats it.
I usually give between 100-150.
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