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OP, i am guessing the party was a bust since we have seen no updates
To be fair, I think we have probably all crossed the line with our parents at some point or another. However, because he has voiced it in a public forum, perhaps that is where the problem lies?
+1 , I have a very young son, and while his mother is in her own world, I would NEVER let him speak to her in disrespectful tones! EVER!..... Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del I think respect for parents decreased with age with the children not relaizing what the parent has put in / put up with for their children. Seeing the pure selfless love that my wife has for my son, I would be super pissed if he ever talked to her this way, regardless of the...
+1, as you long you look confident, they will rarely touch you. Quote: Originally Posted by Rolex Luthor Suits make you look powerful. Predators rarely prey on the powerful.
saw one of those a while back, I almost threw up. Not only was the previous model ugly, but they managed to make this one even uglier. The Japs should stay away from SUV's period. The folks at Lexus aren't doing much better in that department.
+1 on the 2 step
definitely FUBAR
+1 Quote: Originally Posted by ghostbusters101 learn lessons from actually doing shit, don't ask forums for help. you realize your hesitance to be a functioning member of society is a byproduct of their sheltering you right?
Long time lurker, i mean a very long time (2008 ish), I cant even express how much I have learned from this forum. Finally decided to create an account.
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