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I received three new shirts, all the same material (white broadcloth), all with the President Cutaway. The new stiffer (possibly fused?) collar was not great to receive without a heads up. I could tell from the minute I buttoned the top button that the collar was very stiff, and different from my last batch of shirts. I was pretty annoyed the entire first day wearing the shirt, but I will say, the new collar stays up much better when wearing without a tie. Going back to...
Does anyone know if the MTO line Washington will have the same exact lapel shape and gorge, and gorge height (as high up on the shoulder)?
I have a single breasted that hits right below the thigh, I love it, fits on par with their other regular sizes. I wear a 44R and its a 44R, I tried a 46R to wear over a suit coat (which I wear in the washington fit) but I didn't like it (too bulky).
Depending on how you wear the suit, and how often you wear suits in general; the lapels will be fine. I have many washington suits (and jackets) in light gray, dark gray, and a couple blues (french to navy), and even a green/gray tweed and a purple linen. I have worn all of them in business settings, IE - client facing I wear more reserved colors, company pres club trip I wore the purple. I would say I never felt out of place, however if you don't often wear suits, it may...
Yes I have a the black peak tuxedo, the midnight blue shawl, and the velvet shawl dinner jacket (brown w silk faced lapel).the black peak tuxedo fits like a more full washington. great value (especially when it was $469) and one of my favorite evening wear pieces, its understated, and balanced.
A tuxedo is appropriate for a day time wedding, assuming the reception begins in the evening. While tradition provides context that a morning suit is for the day, as long as the event begins in the evening you will be fine. I would focus more on the fit and details of the tuxedo itself, and ensuring the groomsman look appropriately aligned with your outfit and the venue. Congrats and good luck.
Pink socks that previous comment was for you...
I grabbed two of the long sleeve polos in XXL and its just about perfect, I'm hoping it doesn't shrink, at all.
I picked up two of these polos today and they fit nearly spot on in terms of length, are these prewashed? If I wash cold and air dry should I still expect it to shorten up? next season hopefully they are an inch longer (and I wouldn't have the side rise up so much, I would lower that an inch closer to the length of the rest of the shirt)...Final question/comment: I tried on a 54R today, and I am thinking 56R (which bloomingdales doesnt order a lot of) or MTM will be the...
Here is the SuitSupply Midnight Blue Shawl Collar Tux. It is dark, this picture was taken this morning on a sunny day right next to a wall of windows, and it still looks very dark. When in my closet it looks as dark as a few charcoal suits.  
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