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I apologize if I missed it while catching up over the past few pages, but will there be long sizes for sport coats this fall?
How much can the sleeves be let out on the model 1 sport coats?
Medium/dark brown herringbone or tweed, navy windowpane (that one above is beautiful!), and a gun check would be ideal.Please, please, please bring in long sizes!
Are you guys still on track for short/long sized sport coats this fall? I love your offerings, but my gangling limbs/torso require longs in pretty much everything. I know it's been mentioned by a number of people already, but you guys are flat out killing it. I've only ordered 2 MTM shirts and 2 trousers so far, but that will expand quickly. Quality is exceptional for the price, and customer service is unreal. Being a Canadian company is the icing on the cake. I've...
+1 on the navy odd trousers for FW. I think the other fabrics you're proposing in bringing it would work nicely into my rotation. For what it's worth, I liked the weight of the flannels last year. My office gets stupid hot in the winter, apparently everyone dresses for warmer weather, even at -20.
Anyone got pictures of the dark brown country calf PTB in the wild? Seriously eyeing them up right now.
What are people's opinions on the new light brown sharkskin and navy blue pin texture trousers? Would they pair well with sport coats? I like to have a visual "pop" from my trousers, where that's texture or very subtle patterns that resolve to a solid.
I haven't bought any MTM shirts yet, but I'm very interested, especially with some of the sale shirts. If I order multiple sale shirts, can I still take advantage of having a single shirt shipped, and make any tweaks to the remaining ones I ordered, or would I need have the whole order made at once?
Sadly, Black Scissors has gone out of business, bit I was lucky enough to get this Rick Owens scuba jacket replica. Unfortunately, I got a little aggressive with my sizing down on this thing. Love it, but I look a bit comical. Great jacket, only worn a handful of times. P2P - 21" Length (from base of neck to bottom back) - 25" Shoulder (straight across) - 18.5" Sleeve (outseam) - 27" Asking $175 -> $160 -> $150 -> $125 -> $115 -> $105 shipped Canada/CONUS.
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