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I need some advice since I'm sort of new to buying shoes. My entry level shoe was the Johnston & Murphy, which makes my feet hurt really bad. I want to buy a black shoe for formal events. Right now there is a sale on the Carlyle. But there seems to be more hype/popularity around the Park Ave. It's not on sale right now though and I have no idea when/if it will be. Since I can only buy 1 shoe, should I go with the Park Ave. or the Carlyle? There's no urgency right now,...
Hello guys. I'm going to purchase the Indie Natural Chrome Excel boots. I would like a second pair of casual Alden shoes. Which models would you guys recommend I take a look at for consideration?
I've looked into the Billy Reid bond but too much deviation.Bay Area. Sometimes nights and mornings can get cold, but never below 0 cold.What do you think about Fidelity Gerald & Stewart pea coats?
Oh great to know. Are these 32oz coats though? I'm concerned that might be too thick for the weather here.
Are Buzz Rickson discontinued? I can't seem to find it sold anywhere.
Thank you for the info. I've decided against going with the boys size Schotts.The Sterlingwear I tried on was at an army surplus store. I'm guessing it was the SW Classic because it was extremely thick and heavy.The length was slightly better for the 34 than that of the 36, but I had no complaints in regards to the length. Length was somewhat perfect. I'm thinking I can probably even go with a size Short over Regular if it became an issue for the size 36. But arms and...
I'm a size 36 in Sterlingwear. 34 is a bit too tight and 38 is too big. I'm thinking about trying on the Schott Boys size DU740B because I am 5'6" and want shorter fitting coat. Does anyone know which size would fit me best and is it worth trying?
I e-mailed them yesterday but have not heard back. I'm mostly wondering do these pea coats fit true to size or usually need a smaller or larger size? Is this a good coat for shorter people? And if I lose belly weight, would that affect fit?
I've decided to go with the Schott Slim Pea Coat in Gray DU704i But I'm buying in the dark. Never seen in person so don't know about fit or actual style (materials, thickness). I'm 5'6", regularly proportionate, do work out sometimes but have a small gut. Chest size with no shirt relaxed is 39.5"-40", wear a 16" neck 32-33" arm dress shirts that fit me perfectly. I'm in California so the weather does not become freezing, don't want something too thick, would hope to wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by drum My alterations tailor would probably just laugh at me if I brought him a pair of sweatpants. There are tons of sweatpants out there cut like the way you're looking for. Raf and Rick Owens spring to mind, or Wings + Horns if you're looking for something cheaper. The BOSS store offers free alterations so I'm considering bringing it back to get it altered. I'm curious about those sweats you've mentioned though. Do...
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