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Thank you for the reply. To tell you the truth, the reason I ask is because I needed it rehemmed, of course, so I asked her yesterday to match the total length instead of inseam. Inseam matched perfectly on both trousers but the new trousers were still too long for some reason with too much break, so matching total length kind of made sense to me. Is it safe to do that or would that be a disastrous mistake? I'm kind of ignorant on clothes alteration.
I had a tailor hem one pair of wool dress pants so that there is no break. I recently purchased a second, different pair of pants with a different style, higher quality and more expensive. I figured I would save some money and went to a local tailor I knew. She is korean and doesn't speak any english but her work is very good. I asked her to match the pants. The rise and style are different. She shortened the rise to match as close as possible and matched it by inseam,...
What's the current wait time on Ravello or Cigar Shell Cordovans LWB as of today? If there's a waitlist, when would the guy in the front of the waitlist get it, to give me a good idea?
Thoughts on the CP vintage achilles whites? Do you think these are worth getting rather than the plain whites, assuming same price for both?
My Indys finally came in and I've had the pleasure of owning them for 1 day. However, after a days worth of wear for no more than 8 hours, the left boot seems to be demonstrating an unusual sort of creasing on the left foot that stretches even beyond the stitching and looks like a blood-vein. There's also some strange brown-spotted discoloration at the tip of the boot right below the stitching, which also extends between the stitching as well that does not appear...
LWT Brown from Alden SF
My Vibergs Service Boots from Mr Porter came in.Perfect fit. These boots appear to actually be wide already.The only issue is that it's very difficult to actually get my foot into the boots. Once it's in there, it's a great fit. But it's hard to actually get it in there.Does this happen to anyone else? Or is this an indication of a half size too small?
Here are my sizes: Alden Indie: 9E (Any Alden without 9 wide sizes I would wear 9.5) AE Park Ave: 9E Clarks DB: 9.5 Wolverine 1000: 9.5 (a bit roomy) Clarks Unstructured: 8.5E I wear thick socks. When I wear boots in 8.5E, my right foot is comfortable but my left foot has a lot of pressure on the top area. I'm looking at the MrPorter Leather Lace-Ups, but they only come in whole sizes: 9 or 10, but no 9.5. For reguar sizes, I would need a 9.5 according to my usual fit,...
I'm looking towards Natural Chromexcel Indy boots from TheShoeMart. But the pictures look different than that of the one on Alden shop. Will this be identical? TheShoeMart's version looks a lot more 'dirtier.' The stitching looks different, non-white. I'm also curious, are there any other differences with TheShoeMart's version? I know SF Alden shop version has Alden shop of SF written on the soles. What about the ShoeMart's? Does it have TSM written anywhere? I see a...
I'm reporting back after weeks of non stop peacoat shopping, researching. Drove to multiple stores, went to San Francisco, tried on many different brands. I will expand on my findings and post several fit pics soon of some brands. But just want to say thank you Spaghettimatt for the Buzz Rickson recommendation!! I'm very glad This is one of the few I tested. More on this soon.
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