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Quote: Originally Posted by coldforge wyattearp's home job actually makes me really uncomfortable, for some reason. I'm not sure way, but in that picture they look a lot more... Grisly and violent than the originals. Which is itself an accomplishment. Maybe I should have placed them on the floor and outlined them in chalk? Some numbered evidence tags perhaps? Haha
Quote: Originally Posted by Last Year's Man did not expect that, not sure if I like the look of them entirely but jesus, takes some balls to just start stabbing into a pair of shoes on a whim. This particular pair of shoes were in my fathers closet for 20 some odd years. Worn to sh*t, so I figured why not. As someone mentioned before, practicing on thrift store buys might be a good idea if I can't find the G&Hs and decide to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thats actually a really good job. Why thank you Spoo. And it only took a half hour or so.
Just finished up with the shotgun (actually branded with ends of drillbits to get a beveled effect) Still want the real thing though!
If I do end up getting my hands on a pair, there's no doubt I'll have them for years to come.
Quote: Originally Posted by dk_ace I can't see myself ever wanting or wearing those. If you like the look, why don't you just DIY? It would be really easy to shoot each shoe with a round of buckshot. That would probably save you a lot of trouble and money if you can't find them easily. D Unfortunately city living makes it difficult to justify owning a shotgun. At least in certain Canadian ones. If you did go that route, I can imagine...
Does anyone know what they retailed for? and the average price they were being sold on ebay for? I think I read somewhere it was about 500-600 new?
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh just recreate it yourself..just dont be wearing the shoes when you pull the trigger Not a bad idea...
please report back if you do get the chance!
Just appreciate that worn-in look!
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