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hmm i'd actually thought of sizing down but this is a 36S and i haven't found a RTW 34(S) suit in my country. However i went ahead with the purchase as i thought (an imaginery) 34 would be too small - the shoulder pads on the 36 end exactly where my shoulders do. and yes i noticed the sleeve buttons but it's something i can live with - i've tried a LOT of RTW 36's and i'd almost given up on finding a passable one before this. Not possible for a tailor to cut off a button...
more pics: any criticisms/suggestions for alterations/tips appreciated, thanks!
Hey guys here's my first attempt at buying a RTW suit... won't elaborate much first except that it hasn't been tailored and i'm planning to do so soon, i'll wait for your opinions before i say anything else. How do you guys think the fit is? Front view, (hopefully) natural stance Back view, (hopefully) natural stance Side view (top jacket button buttoned)
this actually looks rather decent... if you don't mind sharing, which tailor/how much did you get this for?
yeah good tailor is important. I have had good experience with Baronni (located somewhere in shenton way/cbd) but their shirts are rather expensive for MTM, although they provided me with great advice on fit, style etc.
oh and is it possible to alter armholes higher for suits?
haha maybe there's a reason why that is so? singapore's market doesn't seem big enough to support sth liddat... people who want cheap shirts go to g2000, people who know what they want... know what they want. btw to OP: not trying to put your idea down on purpose or wdv, just a question... but if you're getting a foreign fabric anyway does it really matter whether it's a Singapore distributor? It won't be 100% Singaporean anyway. I know Brooks Brothers and Todd Shelton...
hm you're right... moved to, thanks!
hi guys, need the advice of fellow SGreans for my first suit... Before anyone starts mentioning Joe's or similar let me first explain that i'm 21 and starting uni and therefore doesn't have much of a salary to speak of. therefore i need a versatile and not-too-expensive suit for dinners, interviews etc. what i had in mind was a navy/midnight blue lightweight wool, notch lapels, structured (but not overly so) shoulders, double vented, 2-button single-breasted slim...
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