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hmm i see. so armholes can be altered higher? i'd like to do that as well but was unsure if it could be done.
hm thanks for all the feedback! SG - by side coming in i assume you mean more waist suppression? also why won't you touch the shoulders? cost, or that they aren't bad enough to warrant alteration? also bumping up my questio on the silhouette again - any way to achieve something like GQhustler's Tom Ford?
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy I would try Canali first and see if they still have the same fabric, they can make a new sleeve for you. +1 more expensive but the most presentable solution. plus you'd subconciously be blaming yourself for wearing a torn jacket everytime you wear the mended suit again.
hm button stance a bit high for me, and yes it's too short. also i'm not too sure how to fix this but the suit kinda gives you an hourglass figure.... maybe leave the chest, let out the waist by 0.5" and suppress the hip area by 0.5"? thi is just a shot in the dark though, anyone else feel the same?
anyone? i really like the side silhouette on his suit.
oh and another question: is it possible to do something make the side profile look slimmer and more fitted? what has to be changed - front darts, waist, back seam?? here's what i'm talking about (notice the curved back - this is GQHustler's Tom Ford suit): versus mine (which i think makes me look like i have a belly):
Quote: Originally Posted by noxlord 1550 posts later and we are talking about sea slugs now that is just epic.
hm how do i tell if the shoulders are too big? i've read in a few places that you should try leaning into a wall sideways and that your shoulder pads and shoulder should hit the wall at the same time, and that's the case with this suit. what superior SF method do you guys have?
hm i posted with the expectation of getting heavily criticised/flamed but apparently not... this is SF right? =D hmm i'll hunt for a decent tailor and see if i can fix the wrinkling. I'm turning 21 in a few months so hopefully (although unlikely) i'll still grow a wee bit more. btw not sure why 2 people have asked about the shirt - didn't think anything showed in the pics, but it's MTM from Singapore. White, french cuffs, textured diamonds (not sure how to describe it),...
hm i actually have a problem with excessive sweating so i find polyester suits untolerably hot. this was the first 100% wool (super 80s worsted merino to be specific) RTW suit that actually kind of fitted me. anyway my most pressing questions were related to the wrinkling and armholes. More specifically: 1. wrinkling in the back of the sleeves (see side pic) 2. folding of fabric in the armpit area (might not be very noticeable but its circled in the last pic) 3. general...
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