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yup, i think that buttoning point isn't bad at all. especially since i'm about 5'5" =D
if i'm not wrong, non-iron shirts have some amount of formaldehyde in them to prevent wrinkles forming...
wow i like the new button stance. did you do anything to the shoulders? my eye for detail isn't as good...
imo sleeves/length are not the biggest problem, they can be altered. but the pinstripes don't look too good, and as mentioned previously 3-button is hard to pull off unless you play for the NBA.
hm some high-quality pics of a low-quality suit: (spoiler added cos the pics are quite big) [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Everyone has one lower shoulder. hmm this is just speculation, but can't an issue like that be fixed with slightly thicker padding on one side? bespoke should be able to conceal flaws with an individual's physique right?
wow. hmmm is it just me or is there something a little off about your left (right in the pic) shoulder? doesnt look as straight as the other side...
haha you have almost the exact same problems as i do. My 36S OTR is slightly too large and i can't find a 35/34 OTR. back should be cleaned up. not too difficult to take in the back seam. sleeve pitch is too forwards like mine, nothing we can do about it at resonable cost. i'm not experienced enough to comment about shoulders so won't go there.
T M Lewin's Red Label. This one in particular: http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/Exmouth-Gre..._Bundled_Suits you should be able to get a better fit if you're not a size 35-ish like me =D
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus I remember Jeffery or Despos said it is possible. You may cut the top part of both the front pieces and back pieces, which is your current shoulders. But it is just the start. Then you have to re-do the collar, lapels, shoulder pads, sleeves, and let out the bottom to compensate the length. It's like start from scratch... Even if you do all of these, the proportion will be totally ruined because you can't move the...
New Posts  All Forums: