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um yeah where exactly on the shoulder is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Range around: 34R - 36S I feel tiny. you're not alone! sartorially inclined midgets of the world unite!
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto You are really over-thinking this. Put it in a garment bag and take it where you will, the same as a fused suit. Folding may wrinkle it the same as any other fabric. You then need to steam or press it. just being thorough, i don't own that many suits =) so the bending in a garment bag won't affect its shape?
2.5" is fine for small guys i believe - i think 3" looks a bit big for me (i am 5'5" and have narrow shoulders). But for 6'5" i think it will look skinny.
haha 30 years is a long time. i was talking more in the ballpark of 5 years max?
mafoofan creates a good-looking suit out of photoshop as a guide to how it should ideally look, not as an alteration guide for a tailor...
hm ok... i was just worried about buying a canvassed suit and taking so long to break it in that it hardens before i can do that. going slightly off-tangent here - can canvassed suits be transported? how do you bring them overseas, for example? can the canvas be folded?
probably possible but high-risk and large effort needed... those are a nice colour why on earth do you not like it? i've been trying to find an affordable pair of oxblood shoes in my country for a while now.
hm i'm not looking to reshape a suit, i was more concerned with the time it takes to break in a new one... if i get a canvassed suit and wear it once a month, will the canvas "harden" after, say, 2 months/2 wears? (weird question i know, sorry)
quick question: how long does a canvassed suit take to fit your body shape, and is there a point where it "hardens" (for lack of a better word) and stops doing that? weird question, but i'm trying to justify getting myself a canvassed suit to wear only occasionally, so i wanna find out if not "breaking it in" enough will cause it to look less good as it should be.
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