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Quote: Originally Posted by williamson This statement looks as if it's based on fashion rather than on practicality. Surely in inclement weather the knees should be covered by the coat? And the more efficient a short raincoat is, the wetter the trousers will become from rain run-off. personal preference imo. a raincoat that ends below the knees can look overwhelming on some frames.
sonick, that actually looks pretty ok to me if not for the skirt flare. not sure if that can be fixed, try asking your tailor? perhaps taking in the bottom part of the side seams should do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer I feel immediately skeptical upon reading this. I mean, yes, cool, Toyota production system and all that. But can you seriously attach a canvas to a suit that quickly and still do a good job? Really? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! this is totally subjective, but i've walked past this shop and it doesn't give off a professional vibe. Looks like the standard cookie-cutter tailor...
just curious - is silk or polyester warmer/less breathable?
midsection should be doable, cost depends on the construction of the raincoat. legs are big? what's that mean
i just mentioned this on another thread, but tmlewin's fully fitted John Francomb shirts have a pretty dramatic taper. try what SG said, and if you really are Hercules, get collar extenders/MTM/altered.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Else, prepare to lose your lunch money.
tmlewin's fully fitted shirts really do have a dramatic taper to them. might even be too fitted for some D: only problem is that there is less variety, and if i'm not wrong they come only with french cuffs.
it's a natural, aesthetically pleasing process. Jeans should start off dark blue and fade with washing. Shoes should start off a light walnut/cognac and darken with exposure to the sun. Never buy a pair of black shoes again.
been looking for a good burgundy/oxblood pair with a sleek profile as well. wil be watching this thread D:
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