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the unstructured shoulder is a design choice i believe. i'm no expert, but i'd prefer a higher armhole and lower button stance...
Hi guys, i've finally dipped my toes into the inviting pool of bespoke and scheduled a fitting with Iris Tailors (maker of gshen's awesome suits). As this is my first bespoke (and probably the only one for at least a few years) i've been reading up quite a bit, but i have no experience in this and would really like to get it right. Here's what i have in mind (i'm about 5'6" and 134lbs if it helps). jacket: navy blue SB double-vented 2-button with a lower button...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I'll reach the 6 month mark soon so I'll have to wash them anyway ...wait, what?
damn how did such a promising thread degenerate into spambot heaven D:
no. 6 D:
Quote: Originally Posted by johnannemarie So far i will be taking 2 different half canvassed suits (for warmth sake) are you serious?! just fyi - this is the hottest time of the year for us Singaporeans. 2 or 3 days ago it hit 35.3 Celsius which, combined with the perpetually high humidity, is just insane. Even locals are starting to avoid non air-conditioned places. It's either blazing hot sun or the occasional rain here. You might not even...
ARGH MISSED IT. but wow, that's basically $100 off everything. anyone else willing to sell?
asians, yes. i think it depends more on skin tone than ethnicity. best to bring a white shirt along to test it?
this length looks good to me. perhaps the sleeve pitch is a little too forwards? i'd show a teeny bit more cuff too. oh, and where did you get that lapel template from?
Quote: Originally Posted by NotchLapel I am surprised that not many people recommend Florsheim here. I bought a pair of their limited wingtips and their very comfortable and sleek. Only $140 if your on a budget. +1 to that. never owned them long enough to see how durable they are though.
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