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alright, i'll take note of the sleeve issue... although i did mention that i do intend to wear the suit with French cuffs, so she won't be able to make it too tight. Quote: Originally Posted by academe I don't think you need more padding so much as have her slightly extend the shoulder line beyond your natural shoulder (i.e. slight overextension of the shoulder). i was actually concerned with the suit shoulders sagging if it is...
academe, i have indeed had the hip flare issue with mtm shirts (which are thankfully tucked in). In that case would u suggest more padding than usual since Nani does softer shoulders? As for sleeves - how do tight sleeves hinder mobility? Never had that issue tbh...
oh and since i was on SB... here's something like what i originally had in mind. although i don't like that style of peak lapels... [[SPOILER]]
hmm how about a slanted chest pocket but straight lower pockets? something like SB here: [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I agree that a notch lapel is better than a peak lapel. It will soon be dated. Hacking pockets are already dated. hmm... dated as in no longer "trendy", or dated as in it looks like i bought it 5 years ago?
yup... why not?
yup well it's my first bespoke and i don't have that many RTW/MTM in the first place, so i'd like to have some opinions before my fitting so as not to look like a clueless monkey =D i'll watch out for those characteristics, thanks! clean fit sounds good though, i don't envision myself wrestling a bear or doing the steeplechase in that suit.
seersucker pressed completely flat? i never knew that was possible =D have you tried one in the CBD? they may have more experience dealing with suits and coats.
i believe it refers to the curve...
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