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So I'm having my photo taken tomorrow for a club, and I need to wear a light blue tie for it. I plan to wear a white shirt and a navy suit with it, but I'm undecided for the PS. I've currently narrowed it down to an orange paisley, a red paisley with a bit of navy/light blue accents, and a plain lavender. I've made a highly detailed infographic summarizing my predicament below: I'm inclined to go with the red, but i fear the light blue accents aren't strong enough to...
i'm getting it shortened, but that's not the main issue - how big does it look? it's a 35 so i can't size down any more, and i usually prefer a bit of shoulder extension anyway. But is it obviously big in the shoulders?pic below again: [[SPOILER]]
I was looking for a grey linen jacket but ended up with this. What do you guys think of it? Especially the lapels (since i have narrow shoulders)? I'm still deciding if i should keep it.
the Washington cut has the highest armholes and the slimmest fit. filterq - i've noticed the same about the Washington Half lapels. Kind of a pity, since i was looking for a half-lined linen jacket but the ones on the Half just cross the line from aggressive to ridiculous imo.
hm i'm assuming there's no cheap way to fix the wrinkles then, and it's more to do with my posture than the jacket itself?are the shoulders too wide? I have narrow shoulders so I was looking for a little extension, but is this too much?also i'd love an objective take on the lapels. does it look too dated even with the high gorge and silhouette of the suit? does it fit my smallish frame (i'm 5'7")?i guess my main concern now is whether the imperfections look...
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more pictures (this time with no undershirt but not wearing a proper dress shirt). does the length/shoulder width look ok now? what about the lapels?front: [[SPOILER]] side: [[SPOILER]] thanks!
I'm not sure why it doesn't show in this picture but it does look a little long when i looked at it in the mirror...anyway, i guess the more important question is - does it look too big? there are wrinkles at the side (pic below again) - i interpret that as the suit being slightly too long and slightly snug around the waist (i just wore a shirt over my tshirt while taking this photo)?
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alright... just checking academe, how much do you mean by overextension? 0.25" per side? yeah well like i mentioned it's my first bespoke, and probably my only one for at least a year so i'd like to make as few mistakes as possible. but you're right i'm probably overthinking it, will post pics once i have a fitting and we'll see how it goes!
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