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thanks for actually being constructive. i know it's loud, and i don't think i'd ever wear that out any time soon - i was just curious to see it it worked.for all the haters who didn't read the text properly, i know it looks sloppy - i simply wanted an opinion on the combination and i was in a hurry, and rather than take individual pictures of the items i thought it would be better to quickly wear it, snap a picture, and take it off again. i see no reason to tie/button it up.
that's a too-lazy-to-actually-tie-a-knot-for-a-picture knot, i was in a hurry to leave (not wearing that out)would you mind elaborating? i'm only 22, and i'm still learning. I thought they were sufficiently different in size and pattern to plausibly work, but i guess not?
quick question - i'm not used to wearing this many patterns, but i think it looks fine. I'd like the opinions of some gents here on this. I have a solid lavender pocket square, but i thought the orange popped more. Thoughts?
i'd go with white quarters, and the sole depends on how you'd wear it. also this isn't AE but... is this shade of green better? It's not really rich enough for me but at least the hue is right. I'm curious what you guys think.
hm... anyone have any suggestions or a cheap pair of bottle-green shoes then? I want to dip my toe in without doing the whole cannonball. And yes Patek that does look good.
So Allen Edmonds has a $200 promotion on their custom Neumoks now ( ). You could conceivably create hideous shoes with those color options, but I was thinking of getting a pair of all-green Neumoks with a black welt for the office and casual wear. Here's how it would look like: I'd prefer it to be a deeper bottle green, but I've been wanting to try a pair of dark green shoes for a while and I don't want to spend...
It was actually completely hidden inside the knot, I pulled it out for the second picture. The clip makes the knot bulge out perpendicularly from my chest a little more than usual, but it isn't really noticeable and it helped push the tie outward. two birds.And yes, bad timing on that other post so i decided to put a troll disclaimer. Just so you know - I was having my photo taken for a club in college, not with CEOs/world leaders/the Pope
I know i sound like a troll here, but hear me out. [[SPOILER]] So what do you guys think - does this work for now?
oh wait i meant white shirt with royal purple/navy windowpane pattern. but thanks for your input!
I also have a royal purple/navy windowpane shirt I really like, but i don't think I can work that in with light blue can I?
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