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ARW it all depends on the person who makes it. Not to be racist, but everyone that isn't hispanic makes a pretty damn terrible burrito at Chipotle, haha.
I like the bomber, but maybe you should do something with your jeans. Perhaps sag them like jet said or unroll the cuffs.
Funny, seeing as though a male iteration of that sneaker would be horrifying. Girls can rock anything
The captoe ruins it for me
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis I tried it on a while back. Its slim for gap, but its definitely not tight if worn TTS. I'm a 36 and the small was still a little big on me. Also, I didn't remember the armholes being particularly high (not that they were low, just not exceptionally high cut or anything). The sleeves were decently slim though TTS is a relative term for mall brands, I guess. I think a small in Gap's standards would be more...
It's definitely slim, which is good relative to gap's norm. The high armholes are pretty restricting, though. TTS will run pretty tight.
yup. the cut is pretty weird, but I like the pattern.
bad quality phone pics. detail. excuse the double chin
The high button stance makes it so that buttoning both buttons looks better
Silent hoodie came today from Gilt. Probably should've opted for the S instead of the XS, but I was too slow.
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