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I knew that it was probably hot in Japan; made me wonder why you were wearing a cardigan haha.
I know my opinion doesn't count for much, but I can't help but thinking that your recent fits would look better without the cuffs/cropped look.
Hey, how does the 43 helmut lang compare to common projects? Also, is it possible if you could pm me some more pictures?
Red Uniqlo socks strike WAYWT yet again. Great socks
I really like the jil knit, but don't you think it warrants for something other than blue jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Leather sport coats. +1, haaaate
ARW it all depends on the person who makes it. Not to be racist, but everyone that isn't hispanic makes a pretty damn terrible burrito at Chipotle, haha.
I like the bomber, but maybe you should do something with your jeans. Perhaps sag them like jet said or unroll the cuffs.
Funny, seeing as though a male iteration of that sneaker would be horrifying. Girls can rock anything
New Posts  All Forums: