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It's definitely slim, which is good relative to gap's norm. The high armholes are pretty restricting, though. TTS will run pretty tight.
yup. the cut is pretty weird, but I like the pattern.
bad quality phone pics. detail. excuse the double chin
The high button stance makes it so that buttoning both buttons looks better
Silent hoodie came today from Gilt. Probably should've opted for the S instead of the XS, but I was too slow.
Despite the inconsistency with the fit, I like Gap's more recent shirt releases. The diamond and gradient shirts are nice, especially when you can get them on sale.
Hey mellow, what coupons are you using to get the shirts down to $20? Not to nitpick over a 40 dollar shirt that looks decent, but hey, money is money.
Sneaker tuck looks meh.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji If the SATs are any indicator of what is taught in american High school maths classes then theres no need for graphing calculators, I didn't think anyone used them. They're only use is for stats why would you need to draw a shitty graph on your calculator that doesn't really tell you anything. SAT math is really a joke. Same as the writing section. I have a lot of beef for the system. It's a necessary evil,...
First WAWYT. more dressed up for a date.
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