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all saints is good at 50-70% discount. a couple items i own get a lot of compliments. (the sweater I posted a couple weeks back is from AS)
Need to tweak the 4S settings. So much potential with this camera
more school fits
Never enough blue.
New 4S camera. Haven't really played around with it yet.
And what was the fit of the suit a couple years back?
Would like a NYC proxy also
funny, just as you posted that I decided I'm going to pick it up. tres bien ends up being cheaper than most other vendors anyway. Looking through the sns thread leads me to think I should get a small. (5'9, 165) Can anyone else confirm the sizing? From what I read the sweater will stretch a bit.
Anyone know if sns herning starks will end up on a sale? I don't know if I should just pull the trigger on it for full retail.
^ name of the company?
New Posts  All Forums: