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They send shipping confirmation when the package lands in the U.S.
I guess I could've assumed that with the knit pattern and all. I'm pretty happy with the fit regardless.
Stark just came, hopefully it'll stretch a bit.
20% off footwear at TBS. all good shoes have been sold out for awhile
I got a pair of 43 brown cap toes. The brown looks better in real life than in the pictures. I'm going to swap the brown laces with spare white cp laces. so pumped for the silent scarves too.
all saints is good at 50-70% discount. a couple items i own get a lot of compliments. (the sweater I posted a couple weeks back is from AS)
Need to tweak the 4S settings. So much potential with this camera
more school fits
Never enough blue.
New 4S camera. Haven't really played around with it yet.
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