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Fake rick.
rocky has some RFT of his own: http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201202/asap-rocky-interview-raf-simons-rick-owens-wassup-clothes-get-weirder#slide=1
10 months of wear on gap raw jeans. They actually turned out pretty nicely. I can upload more pictures if anyone wants to see how this particular denim fades.
he was being sarcastic
Just curious, is there any way to identify if a pair of 3-sixteens used the denim from the Kuroki mills? I got a pair of ST-100's from ian in Seattle and was wondering if they used the old or new denim.
kinda looks like me as a kid hahahaha
dorm bathroom getting dirty. dead week is draining...
Like I posted on this page, it probably has already shipped from their warehouse in europe. You'll get the confirmation and tracking once the package is in the U.S.
They send shipping confirmation when the package lands in the U.S.
I guess I could've assumed that with the knit pattern and all. I'm pretty happy with the fit regardless.
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