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dat gap shirt. i like the fit
maas and stacks stocks some n hoolywood also
Umit Benan
Different than past two fits
Fake rick.
rocky has some RFT of his own: http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201202/asap-rocky-interview-raf-simons-rick-owens-wassup-clothes-get-weirder#slide=1
10 months of wear on gap raw jeans. They actually turned out pretty nicely. I can upload more pictures if anyone wants to see how this particular denim fades.
he was being sarcastic
Just curious, is there any way to identify if a pair of 3-sixteens used the denim from the Kuroki mills? I got a pair of ST-100's from ian in Seattle and was wondering if they used the old or new denim.
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