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Yep! Picked it up and it fits pretty well off the rack. You have to check it out! Chris (girl) was really helpful
Skinny fat helps i guess
It's something like 65% linen 35% cotton so can be worn year round. It's from S/S though. Love the color
X-post dries thread:
Beautiful dries suit from MAC
exhaust in size V from suspension point? I guess i waited too long too kop, let me know if they don't work out
totokaelo. http://man.totokaelo.com/marni/long-sleeve-pattern-sweater/green/NJCCF9 no other colors
Has anyone had any experience buying from the style chamber? There seems to be an inordinate amount of product left after such a good sale
Do we just pay the full price for the OCBDs that are on sale and get refunded after?
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