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Barena Barena MMM MMM
MMM Gitman MMM Acne
Yes to the DVN! If you don't end up picking it up do you mind sending me the link?
Sf store stock is pretty small for pants and coats. Everything else had a decent amount of stock
Code is general or one time use specific to your email?
Brand new, tried on twice indoors. Box, dust bags, and extra laces included. Fit is ideal for 9.5 by my estimation, although 9-10 feet will work just fine. Got these as a gift, absolutely love them, but don't fit in with recent purchases. These aren't being stocked anywhere besides totokaelo at this point, so save a few dollars here. Price is relatively fixed Retailed for 545 at totokaelo:...
totokaelo has been around for like 12 years. i think their men's store opened up two years ago tho
Jacket is lined, 75/25 linen cotton blend. I was intending to go for half break with the tailor, guess I'll need to hem it a little more?
Gitman Shirt! [[SPOILER]]
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