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Can't wait, I will be there. Thanks for organizing LA Guy.
Looking forward to it, congrats on finishing the project Vicki!
From two nights ago, finally got the photos edited. An alternative take on black tie.
As an update, I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from Herring in April (shipped via DHL). A few days after delivery I received an invoice of $158.18. Which represented a 48% customs duty and a $6.50 processing fee by DHL. I have no idea why the rate is so absurdly high, and DHL would not provide any insight as to why. Furthermore, I asked for a number to which I could call and contest the charge and the lady sent me to a random number that is trying to get me to sign up for a...
I noted 2 issues. The edges are a little bit rough. The medallion is also ever so slightly off in its alignment, on both left and right shoes.
I went true to UK size for the wholecuts. in CJ i wear a uk9 so i went with a 9, they fit great. For the Linea Maestros, they are a little narrower, so Pepe suggested I go a half size up so I got those in a 9.5 and they also fit great. For reference I wear a US10.
Snuff suede wholecuts. They are nothing less than awesome. Such a nice brown, especially paired against a navy suit. Will post more pics soon once I get them together. Enjoy.
Gents, I've been able to put a few shots together of the Linea Maestros I received last week. I will have more to post here or on blog soon. Enjoy.
I just got 2 pair of Meermin's this week. Black cap toe Linea Maestros and brown suede whole cut. Both are great looking and feeling shoes for the price. Pepe recommended I order a half size up for the Lineas because they are a narrower shoe, as a heads up for potential buyers here. I'll get some pics and more thoughts up soon.
Thanks for the heads up on the sale. Could also check Shipton & Heneage for prices less than that, a lot of their shoes are made by CJ.
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