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Hi, I already did. Is your inbox full? I'll try again in 10 min. Thanks!
PM'ed. Are you still offering this service?
James is a great guy and I've already saved $200 through this! He keeps you posted on order and shipping confirmations throughout the process.
Thanks for the reply! The discount is now 25% off for today. Ebates has 8% cashback for bloomie, and amex has a $30 credit, so I managed to get those for just under $300 incl. tax! Looking forward to getting them in the mail.
Anybody have experience with the AS at Bloomingdale? How do they compare to the Exclusive line? Any idea what last this is? Thanks! sargent %26pn%3D1
Received the Valstarino beige, and it's a great jacket. Did anybody else notice their jackets being extremely dried out though? Nothing cracked yet, but was getting there until I rubbed the whole thing with Collonil leather cream.
I don't think amex return affects yoox. You ship the item to amex if at all. Amex foots the loss.
Just wanted to give props where props are due! My Esemplare reversible down vest just arrived, and I couldn't be happier. I had been on the fence about it due to the price for a while, but am glad I made the plunge! After inspecting the vest, I saw that the tag mentions 90% "eiderduane" which I believe to be eiderdown, one of the most expensive and highest quality downs in the world. If this is indeed true, NMWA and Esemplare should be advertising that rather than just...
James has stopped responding to my messages completely. As far as I can tell, brad doesn't even know this James. Got this email today. "Hiya~ Thais "James" guy is a piece of work. I'm a third party to all of this, and he has claimed to have sent all this stuff to a guy I know using my address and paypal. Well, I have NEVER seen this bag, nor is it here. Never was. So he's had $ sent to my paypal, then sent to him via the guy I know...laving many people w/o items,...
New drops and +15% off w/ free shipping: THANKYOOX Early start on holiday shopping! Snagged a 2B navy staple Castangia for
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