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They're definitely an acquired detail, but the flipside is that they're really deep and practical when wearing the jackets more casually than in a formal setting. And throwing your hands in them with the collar up against the wind (at least when you live in a rain swept part of the world) makes them make a hell of a lot of sense.
Seconding (thirding? fourthing?) the Collateral Concepts suiting project. I asked Albert whether he'd be willing to design some pants to go along with a to-measure blazer for my wedding last year, and he very kindly obliged. Beyond giving him my measurements, and choosing fabrics, I let him have free rein, and what I received had lots of great details - back pockets hidden in the seams, no seams on the outer legs, really great lining and solid construction. Echoing...
Round, Layers London has the linen iteration in a 42 brand new in their archive: http://www.layerslondon.com/clothing/menswear/footwear/shoes/linen_lace_shoe.html Not cheap, with the conversion rate, but rare as hell. They also have some leather versions of a 9-hole sneaker in 39. May run a bit big, certainly worth an email.
Not sure anybody can compete with all those Rick/n(n) straps, but here goes:Deets [[SPOILER]] Textures [[SPOILER]]
I have a pair of those and they're stupidly comfy. There's more than an inch of memory-ish foam in the heels. Like Carpe destroyed horse these will get more suede-like with abuse, but, as cow leather, will be a hell of a lot softer when broken in. The rounded heel isn't for everyone but isn't especially pronounced when actually warn. Despite what ebay seller says those 42s can easily accommodate a 43. Insole pic from Fascinate.
New to WAYWT/fit pics, so please be kind. AKOG Giuliano Fujiwara L-0 St Augstine Acadademy Zam Barrett (there is blue under all that balck, see below) Devoa Old-ass Denim Demons CDiem Textures
If you want proper horn buttons, try Richard James Weldon; they're who a lot of high-end London/UK tailors use. http://www.richardjamesweldon.com/Download their catalogue and just drop them an email. They take small orders and ship internationally.
I own the green goat leather from the 4th iteration. It's a one-off that started out as a custom order. The jacket is beautifully constructed with a depth and an unevenness to the colour that makes it really stand out. The goat is tough as hell but really soft and pliable. Plus, when you get Albert's stuff, you know it's all made by him with a level of care and provenance above and beyond anything that has been subcontracted out a dozen different ways. I felt the same way...
6 hole back zips, and sorry that's the best I can do as my wide lens is presently knackered!
Likewise I presume the leather moto never went into production?
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