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If you want proper horn buttons, try Richard James Weldon; they're who a lot of high-end London/UK tailors use. http://www.richardjamesweldon.com/Download their catalogue and just drop them an email. They take small orders and ship internationally.
I own the green goat leather from the 4th iteration. It's a one-off that started out as a custom order. The jacket is beautifully constructed with a depth and an unevenness to the colour that makes it really stand out. The goat is tough as hell but really soft and pliable. Plus, when you get Albert's stuff, you know it's all made by him with a level of care and provenance above and beyond anything that has been subcontracted out a dozen different ways. I felt the same way...
6 hole back zips, and sorry that's the best I can do as my wide lens is presently knackered!
Likewise I presume the leather moto never went into production?
Neither brown, nor size '3', but a washed grey sized 4 of the leather blouson is up on Lazzari for an insane €870: http://www.lazzariweb.it/shop/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=25&products_id=476 Older iteration but still nice as hell.
Much like the 'lift' in Layer-0, etc., the toebox on Devoa boots isn't as severe in person. They're hardly sleek, but the look is quite distinct, and, in my opinion, really cool without resorting to full-blown anime character proportions. Really comfortable and tough as shit. Mine are Badalassi Carlo, not Guidi leather, for what it's worth.
Vaudevillian, L'Eclaireur used to stock them, but seems they haven't this season. Otherwise it's a bunch of proxying. SS13 lookbook is here: http://www.thisheartsonfire.com/?p=39850 looks damn fine as well.
Layer 0 reverse horse boots in 41 and 43 for less than 600 CAD bills on re.porter: http://re-porter.ca/archives/reverse-horse-leather-ankle-boot-2/ Savage boots and Graham from r.p is super nice to deal with.
New Posts  All Forums: