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I just recently bought a bally bag "rito".
rado is an almost unbreakable scratchfree day-to-day watch. You must like the designs though.
world leading ..... most of their stuff are silly looking I must admit I do have one dressshirt which isn't loud or anything. A redish shirt with white collar and cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzle Just got this shirt in the mail. Fit is exactly what I wanted. are you drizzt's brother?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC It's YSL Pour old liscene, not YSL Rive Gauche. they still cary those? I thought 06/07 was Rive Gauche already at least my shirts are.
Quote: Originally Posted by Histrion I actually was looking for a contrast collar shirt, and didn't find a good one in my size, and was already contemplating making such an alteration on one of my shirts. The shirt was priced quite low (70$) so I don't mind the fact that some work will have to be done on it. Its worth it, from my standpoint. Oh i see well 70 $ is nothing for a YSL shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Histrion Not at the moment as I'm leaving town in a few minutes and do not have time for this. Its a dress shirt with french cuffs. The quality of the button stitching doesn't seem very nice as one of them fell off already. The collar is ugly. This is why I will get the shirt alterated to have contrasting (i.e.: white) collar and cuffs. This shirt will be more like YSL x Histrion. Hahah.. Why did you make the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Histrion Just came back from NYC. I didn't have too much to spend so I didn't go wild... - YSL pink/white striped shirt from C-21 - Neil Barrett sneakers from Scoop NYC - Random knit sweater from H&M. I also bought a black tiger fleece Spruce hoodie from a forum member last week. It should do my wardrobe some good! any pictures of the YSL shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by RustyRyan or Seinfeld... mind you that was in '98 or earlier.. He's doesn't wear those silly shirts anymore.. at least that's what i hopefor him.
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