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what is the general concensus on this one..
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I saw some meeting this description at Barney's in Beverly Hills last weekend. I think they were labeled Bramford and Sons. Perhaps it is a Barney's house brand. Yeah you could try Bamford and Sons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Nice. Who made those? I got them from Finamore @pocketsquareguy Shirts are from Finamore and the collar is Eduardo if i'm not mistaken.
A little contribution for thread to keep it going..
they are a 29, but i've had them altered so the hem is not at true size anymore. My thoughts were that the one with productnumber ending 550184 instead of 530184 is a 21.
i bought a dior black dior jeans MIJ product number 8E3110550184. Is this the 21 cm or 19cm?
should you size one down when buying acne max?
We are talking about her bespoke shirts, aren't we? Does she even offer MTM?
Quote: Originally Posted by demeis Its like cars. Is a bently really worth the price? Depends on what the buyer thinks Isn't Bentley just a pimped up volkswagen
borrelli has pin collar shirts
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