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wow those sleeves look awfully short on the model
Quote: Originally Posted by gusvs Hmm, I think Kent was joking... d'oh!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Do they have boxes that match all their fabrics? I'm not so sureabout that though. The boxes i had got all the time looked all like the one gus got. Nice shirt though.
Falke merino wool / wool silk Zanone cashmere cardigan Zegna and Petronius tie PT01 pants
@ bigbris1 yeah der Olli knows how to wear white jeans..
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I vote for #3. What Ari said. Anyways i've had tried on the 5001 several times, but it's just too big. Wish i could wear it.
bought the new Macbook Pro.. and now.. we wait..
nice finamores The False Prophet I just ordered 4 new Finamores. Just hate the waiting..
finally they arrived..
Piacenza does a good job. Maybe not the highest quality, but good enough for me.
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