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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I thought attention robot-whores only ate hundreds and thousands? ("Sprinkles" for you Americans.) This reminded me of Sean Lock in "Live at the Apollo"
Quote: Originally Posted by guster They also have a Fabio Finmaore, Andrea Finamore and the regular Finamore label. I have seen shirts labels Andrea Finamore here on this forum and then on another site the regular Finamore labeled shirt being called an Andrea Finamore shirt. Anybody know additional background on the various brand names used with Finamore. Different family members with their own label? I haven't seen those labels IRL,...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Don't they have different labels?Can anyone shed light? I believe they have 3 labels White Label "Cucito a Mano" has no hand stitching White ( i believe) "Cucito a Mano" with hand set/sewn shoulders Black Label "Cucito a Mano" with hand set/sewn shoulders, collar, gusset, upper yoke, button holes
didn't Gus buy a Rowlex already?
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Sickness! did you order from Italy? These Finamore mtm's are some of the sexiest shirts i've seen on here. Yes i ordered them through an MTM program. I'm meeting some of the people from Finamore tomorrow. Might order couple new shirts, but i'm not sure what kind of dessins. I was considering an end on end in blue ( no contrasting cuffs) since i don't have one yet. Now my question is: Are these shirts...
Finally my shirts arrived after waiting for several months. I apologize though for the crappy quality.
pics of my latest acquisition
nice purchase gus. I must admit i'm not a big Rolex fan, but when i walked passed my AD saturday the 16622 and 16570 tempted me. Walked out with a Reverso GD though. Failed the " no purchase club, march" thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mink31 My 13.3" MacBook (+ case) fits perfectly into either of the 2 laptop-specific compartments in the 257. However, a MacBook pro (15...don't know about 17") should fit well into the middle pocket, although it'll be more liable to encounter pencils/whatever you'll put in the internal organizer pouches. The one I have is the 15" and tried to look up the dimensions of the bag, but it doesn't tell you the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese Have a look at Filson models 256 or 257 (through Cranes Country store, for the service and discount). I have the 257, as do a few forum members, and really like it. Do you know if the macbook pro fits in either of these two? thanks
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