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Quote: Originally Posted by jmark Miguel, the collars on your shirts are really nice. Finamore is going to be visiting a local store and I was considering giving them a go. Are you happy with your shirts, overall? jmark Thanks jmark. The shirts fit me really well which is one or the most important thing for a shirt. This of course depends on the one measures you. Construction of the shirt is good as far as i know. Can't really complain...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 How does your laziness apply to cocktail cuffs? cocktail cuffs are those double buttoned cuffs no? Well I only have one shirt with those cuffs and every time i button up one button the other one springs open. Must be the button hole that's too small or the button that's too big.
i have cocktail cuffs and french cuffs, but i rarely wear them. Must be my laziness.
single button cuffs for me. Never ordered something else.
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk Where is a good place to get Finamore near NYC and how much do they start at? Vacca maybe. I don't know if they sell them anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by elliottchow wow what brand of shirts are those? are they mtm and how much do they cost per shirt? They are Finamore mtm.
enough with the talking. Let's see some more shirts! I'll start
Some ties i bought last week and i got some wangs as well. You guys know what they look like so i won't post them. I'll be picking shirts this weekend and will post it in here
I got my Seamaster 2250.80.00 when i was about 18. Only comments that i got were mostly positive. It seems you can afford one so why not? You can always sell it without losing to much. The watch value holds up quite well when bought second hand.
This model was/is popular with lots of students
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