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Quote: Originally Posted by BigNate82 Where are the left two from? Great ties. Thanks in advance. fixed in my original post.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 ^^ very nice indeed are those 2 on the right Borrelli's? Thanks. Sorry, forgot to add. The two on the right are from Marinella
Just got the left two last week and received the right two a day ago. From left to right: Tie Your Tie, Finamore, Marinella, Marinella
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan ^ Thanks! When are you going to Napoli anyways?
Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze Love, love, love the Reverso Grand Date. But Greg and Miguel, do you think that the watch wears too big to be a true dress watch, in your opinion? I really am just asking, as I have never handled or worn one in real life. Greg is quite right by saying that the case wears high on the wrist. It's noticeable especially on my puny wrist. Me myself doesn't mind this at all. I had read about it...
Here's to add some JLC love. Nice watch greg. Is that strap from ABP?
It's on the Via Calabritto 16. The first address is their head office
Quote: Originally Posted by iyorito For bespoke shirts, go to Francesco Mellora in Naples. They should be able to give you a fitting in 24hrs to 48hrs. Half the price of Matuozzo. (Hence,less luxurious fabrics but a very good camiceria) Isn't Merolla about €150? That's what I heard though. Did you make some shirts by them? I was also wondering if they are true bespoke or just "advanced" mtm. I've read multiple things about them. Half of...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmark Miguel, So I need to talk with Andrea if I'm going to go ahead with it? Not sure who is scheduled to come at this point, but will look into it. I'll keep you updated if I make the move. jmark Well he's the man i'm used to deal with. I think he's doing the traveling mostly for these mtm programs. There's another user on the forum who had ordered something from them in Tokyo. Maybe Gus can give you an ...
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